Wondering if those additional delivery and set up fees are worth it?

Here are 3 reasons why you should add set up, every time.

      1. Delivery isn’t easy.
        Handling a load of chairs and tables is awkward and cumbersome. That’s why we use a 24’ box truck and a few burly men to get the job done. Unless you have those assets sitting around, we think you should leave the heavy lifting to us. More than that, Chiavari chairs require specialty chair dollies to load and unload and only a few fit in a standard sized vehicle.
        Chiavari Chair Set up
      2. If Delivery sounds like a beast, wait until you meet it’s ugly brother, set up. 
        Tables will need placing, chairs will need setting, linens will need laying. This may sound simple enough, but if you have 200+ guests in attendance, think again. Did I mention that each chair cushion has to be tied on? Unless you have corralled a team of family and friends to perform free labor, paying for “set up” is well worth the cost. Our team does this week in and week out and have set up down to a smooth system. Once your items have been conveniently delivered to your venue, the set up begins.
        Event Rental and set up
      3. Free Yourself Up. 
        Worrying about tables and chairs the day of your event isn’t necessary. Free yourself up by allowing us to take care of the job for you. With everything coming together in the last few days, you may have to take care of some last minute details or even take care of yourself.
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        Wedding Set Up